The Five Things I Do as a Coach

There are many reasons why I am passionate about coaching and why I am committed to helping people become their most authentic selves. I know from experience that everyone, no matter who you are, has felt intimidated from time to time by challenges in their lives. Why coaching is so important to me is best described by football coach Tom Landry, who put it this way: “A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.”

As a coach, I will not be digging up your past or sifting through your thoughts to diagnose the cause of your problems – I am hyper-focused on who you are now and what your future can look like. I function as a partner and motivator that comes alongside you to hold you accountable, help you plan your actions, and make sure that every step you take is propelling you towards the life you want.

Here are the five things I do for you as a coach:

1. Clarifying your vision

It is so easy to lose sight of what you want in your life. I’ve met so many people who simply live life on autopilot, being carried from one life stage to the next and then wondering how they got to where they are, feeling unsatisfied and disillusioned. I help my clients clarify the vision that guides their life and provides the direction necessary to chart the course of their days and the choices they make about their business, life, and family.

I’ve noticed something in my career as a coach, strategist, and Chief Fun Officer: The most interesting, accomplished people I know all have a vision for their lives. They always seem to know what comes next, like they’ve seen the future. I help you clarify your vision because this will form the blueprint of who you want to be, what you want to be known for and the set of experiences and accomplishments you aim for.

Your vision becomes your why.

2. Strategizing your vision into an action plan

To help my clients achieve their vision, I then help them strategize their goals into a clear action plan. If you want to start achieving your goals, you have to break them down into steps that are achievable and not intimidating.

Think of pursuing your goal like being somewhere in the middle of the jungle, trying to reach a specific destination. Instead of doing all the navigating on your own, struggling your way through, getting lost, and frustrated – you need a map. Or in this case, a plan.

This is where I come in. I help you turn your vision into a blueprint and map for you to follow, evaluating the big decisions you make, and the small habits and actions that guide your daily living.

3. Upgrading your skills:

I help business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, and many other successful individuals identify the skills they have, and the ones they need to grow in to achieve their goals. Whether it is social media marketing, promoting your business, growing in confidence, public speaking skills, or leadership coaching –  we all have areas we can grow, optimize and build on. 

This is why I help you evaluate and upgrade your skills, to get you on the right path and fast track your results. A good coach is going to give you the tools, tips, suggestions and directions you need to address your biggest roadblocks and work past them, ultimately helping you to level up and achieve your vision.

4. Optimizing your environment:

I help people navigate and openly assess their environment, and see if there are changes they can make to help them accomplish their goals more effectively.

What kind of environment are you in? Does it help you grow or is it holding you back? If we have relationships that are draining us, and chaos or disorder in our peripheral vision on a daily basis, it’s likely that we will feel messy and disordered inside our minds too. A messy or toxic environment can make us feel like we are out of control. This results in negative emotions that cause stress, anxiety, and frustration.

As a coach, I am able to point these things out and help you become aware of them, so that you can change them.  Often it’s the little things that make a massive difference.  I’ve seen incredible transformations within people just by making small changes to their environment, or the way they handle certain relationships.

5. Mastering your own psychology:

With my background in teaching, therapy, and being a lifelong student of neuroscience, I can help you identify certain thought patterns that lead to limiting beliefs. I then help you tho retrain your beliefs so you can rewire your brain towards a more positive thinking and solutions mindset.

With my clients, I often identify patterns or behaviors that they are unaware of. Often, I find it being a story or a narrative, that stems from a limiting belief, that they keep telling themselves.  Other times, it can simply be the way that they carry themselves, their body language or a subtle way that they’re communicating. These patterns are often so hardwired in us and our behavior, that they become part of our subconscious response.  We’re unaware of it.

In my experience, one of the most valuable things you learn in life are the lessons and insights you get about yourself. You’re always getting feedback and discovering more about yourself in the process, and this is what I enjoy helping my clients with.

Do you have a specific goal you want to achieve? Maybe you’re not sure where to start or it feels like it is simply taking you a long time to get there? Or perhaps you’ve been successful, but you know there are bigger things ahead of you that you’re looking to tap into.

I am sure that, just like these five steps have helped so many others, they will help you get on the course of your greatest success.