Rebecca Binnendyk is a CFO (Chief FUN Officer), voiceover artist, musician, and life coach for individuals and organizations looking to create a work environment that brings fulfillment, loyalty, and makes a difference in the world. Rebecca’s driving mission is to reinvigorate and revitalize adults and businesses alike by adding joy back into their work and lives. She is the creator of the Fun Out of Life coaching programs, where she works closely with organizations to extract tension and facilitate an environment of fun and fulfillment. She has been featured in US News, Huffington Post, Lifehack, The Bizzy Buzz, and the Daily Love. As an accomplished voiceover artist, she’s been heard in worldwide commercials, kid’s music, and radio ads. As the owner of a voiceover agency, she connects businesses and voiceover artists from all over the globe and helps them create compelling sounds. Rebecca is a lifelong humanitarian and has spent time backpacking mountains, teaching children in third-world countries, and performing music in multiple continents. She’s produced two albums and partnered with Plan International to donate the proceeds to the care of women and children in Uganda.

Topics of Expertise

Voiceover Work
Giving Back
International travel
Building a Business

The Gift of Marriage Breakdown
Self-worth and Confidence
Changing Your Mindset
How Travel Taught me Forgiveness
Making Courageous Choices to Live Fully
Taking Risks and Embracing Fear

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Rebecca has a dedicated media team. For all inquiries, including speaking events, media commentary and additional opportunities, please contact:

Business Bravery Group (Media)

Sarah Snyder