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Music is a language of its own. It speaks to parts of our soul like nothing else.
The power and beauty of music unites and defines the human experience–there is no need for labels to divide us when we harmonize and recognize our common bond.

And music can be a catalyst for great change.

I have been blessed with opportunities to perform my songs on stages all over the world. I have looked out upon crowds full of faces both so similar and so different from my own. I did not need to speak the language or understand all the customs to see and experience a connection with those who allowed me to share my heart and music. And after experiencing that connection, I could not sit silently while women and children across the world continue to experience discrimination and exploitation.

Music is the gift and answer I can freely give.

That is why beyond lending my voice, I am committed to lending a hand. I donate 100% of album sales and profit to Plan International, a humanitarian organization working to advance women and children’s rights throughout the world.

Every album purchase you make is a gift to women and children in Africa. You choose the amount you pay, and 100% of your money provides education and services that are aimed at ending FGM and child marriages.

CHILD MARRIAGE and FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)

Child marriage and FGM are serious human rights violations and harmful practices that occur globally. Worldwide, there are an estimated 650 million girls and women alive today that were married as children.

Most of them have been mutilated before they are married. Girls are forced into this dangerous practice where they drop out of school, are forced to have children of their own, and gone are their dreams of gaining an education, becoming teachers, healthcare workers, business owners and our future leaders. Girls married under age contribute to 90% of adolescent pregnancies. They are exposed to violence and are at a very high risk for potentially fatal health complications. If we don’t act now, over 150 million girls will become child brides before 2030.

The Power of Your Gift

Your purchase can change lives. Here’s what your donations will do:
  • provide education to boys and girls around reproductive health, gender equality and effects of child marriage,
  • create inclusive environments that encourage girls participation and give them a voice,
  • help educate governments on the adverse effects of child marriage and advocate for change,
  • provide sexual health services for boys and girls,
  • create awareness campaigns; develop youth groups where girls are setup as leaders and given the skills to become advocates in their communities,
  • and help bring a strategic shift in external barriers that will give girls a voice and unblock their pathway to power and change.

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