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Hi! I'm Rebecca

Hi! I’m Rebecca and I’m a musician, voiceover artist, agency owner, world traveler, and chief fun officer. I don’t try to fit into one box–that would be way too boring.

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There are things you can only learn through experience.

I’ve backpacked mountains, lived and taught in a Maasi tribe, performed on one of the world’s most prestigious stages in Thailand, and even saved a goat from the middle of the road (in a dress!).

I always knew I wasn’t meant for a 9 – 5 that had me counting down until the weekends. Nope–there is just far too much passion and fire for adventure inside my soul. I could never be contained in an office building.

There’s a red-hot fire inside of you.
Can you feel it?

I’ve felt soul-deep connections with people all over the world–classy executives in first world countries and beautiful men, women, and children who live on the dirt in third world countries. It may seem that some people have nothing in common.

But underneath the gaps of circumstance, we are all humans–we all have the same needs for love, joy, and fulfillment.

You have a bigger purpose in life than living for the weekend. You have an inner star. Let’s peel away the surface layers that are keeping you numb. You’ll be able to thrive. Your unrestrained spirit will be free to excel. Free to laugh. Free to have fun.

It’s time to become who you were meant to be.

Be a meaning-making machine

When you claim your incomparable brilliance, you’ll unleash the passion that’s always been inside of you. It might burn the brightest when you’re on top of a mountain, or maybe when you’re coding on your laptop.

Your gifts are unique. So is your purpose.

Even the brightest star in the galaxy isn’t reaching it’s full potential if no one can see it. You were made to change lives. To bring joy. To give back. To be a part of something bigger than yourself.

When you accept the beauty of your inner star, you won’t want to contain it. Let’s find the people and places where your passions, gifts, and abilities will create the most beauty.

“The human voice is the most perfect instrument of all.”

Music captivated me.

As a young girl, I was passionate about using my voice to make music. I used it in theatre, on open mic stages, and now I use my voice to create change.

One voice can make you feel an entire range of emotions. It can inspire change. That’s my mission in every commercial, audiobook, song, performance, and speech that I make.

While doing my own voiceover work, I noticed that talented people and successful businesses were spending so much unnecessary time searching for each other. That’s when I started connecting talented voice artists with businesses, and my agency was born.

It’s all about connection. By working together, we can spend less time searching, and more time making a difference.