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less ordinary life

Hi! I'm Rebecca

Hi! I’m Rebecca and I’m ready to add FUN back into your life & work!

Create your


There are things you can only learn through experience.

I’m the new breed of CFO, the best Chief Fun Officer in the world! I show individuals and businesses that growth and success don’t have to be exhausting, boring, or way too stressful. I build customized “funmaps” that enable them to explore and experience fun, overcome challenges, and have greater joy and purpose in their everyday lives. I love working with people who are brave enough to embrace their fun and become leaders in their industry.

There’s a red-hot fire inside of you.
Can you feel it?

Seriously…think about it! Where did we learn this crazy idea that to be a successful adult, you have to be super serious? That the measure of a healthy, mature person is someone who reserves their belly laughs for Saturday night comedy shows and the occasional joke around the water cooler (do office water coolers even exist anymore)?!

Be a meaning-making machine

Here’s what I know: your work, your play, your life will be brighter, bigger, better when you embrace and understand the importance of FUN! It’s time to bring life back into your boardroom. 

“The human voice is the most perfect instrument of all.”

Music captivated me.

In addition to CFO, I’m an agency owner, musician, voiceover artist, and world traveler. I don’t try to fit into one box—that would be way too boring.