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less ordinary life

Hi! I'm Rebecca

Hi! I’m Rebecca and I’ll uncover passive income in your business, teach you how to make more of it and then, show you how to spend it in a way that brings you a life of FUN and PURPOSE! 

Create your


There are things you can only learn through experience.

I’m the new breed of CFO, the Chief Fun Officer and your Fun Money Coach!  I help business owners uncover hidden passive income and then teach them how to USE in fun ways to bring their lives greater joy and bigger purpose. I love working with people who are brave enough to embrace the new paradigm of living fully so they can become leaders in their industry.

There's something more... Can you feel it?

Seriously…think about it! Where along the way was our brain programmed to believe this crazy idea that to be a successful entrepreneur, we have to work around the clock?  That our lives have more meaning when we’re busy busy busy — starting a new business, chasing more money, organizing another fundraiser. Stop hustling. Period. It’s time to start LIVING.  

Be a meaning-making machine

Here’s what I know: your work, your play, your life will be brighter, bigger, better when you embrace and understand the importance of FUN! And you can have fun in ALL areas of life. Yes, that’s possible and I can show you how. 

“The human voice is the most perfect instrument of all.”

Music captivated me.

In addition to a money coach, I’m an agency owner, musician, voiceover artist, teacher, and world traveler. I don’t try to fit into one box—I would never fit. That, and my borderline ADHD could never do just one thing. Impossible. I get you! 😉