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Do you remember the last time you really had fun? The belly laughing, spontaneous, eyebrow raising kind of fun?

I know life can be painful, scary, and full of complexities. You’ve faced excruciating pain, loss, and grief. How can there be any joy in a world that pulls you into that darkness?

Despite the deep anguish life throws at us, we can become the people we were meant to be. In fact, it is because of your suffering that you can find a life with more love. More joy. More Fun!

A life where we don’t have to stop going on adventures, digging in the dirt, dreaming up wild ideas just because we’re fully grown.

A life where we’re no longer searching and yearning for the next best thing or for someone or something to make us happy.

A life where we LOVE turning up to work every day. Where we are rewarded with better outcomes, happier teams, and higher quality leadership.

A life where we have incredibly fulfilling relationships with our family, our friends, our kids. Where we laugh together, see the best in one another and support each other’s dreams.

A life where we are INVOLVED in our community. We give, we receive, we find purpose, we delight in the here and now.

NOW is the time for change.

NOW is the time to get more out of life.

Let’s choose this moment together to go BIGGER.

You’ll start enjoying life. You’ll create deeper connections with people. You’ll find creative, exciting ways to solve problems.

And you’ll find what makes you a star--why you are invaluable and irreplaceable.

Yes, it’s possible to change the world and change yourself–by having fun.


I'm Rebecca

I’m a new breed of CFO – the Chief Fun Officer for coaches, CEOs, organizations, individuals and LIFE.

I’m also a musician, a voiceover artist, an entrepreneur, and a lover of life.

I’m doing what I love. Because following my passions has always been my highest priority.

It’s always been more important to me than money, security, and even my reputation.

But even so, I found myself in University, taking the “safe” career path. I got the degree, had the opportunity for a steady income, but quickly realized I didn’t want to do something for 35 years that I wasn’t passionate about. What? No way. That’s not what I want my life to be. Not only that, in hindsight, I realize that some of those decisions were made based on lies I was telling myself. Lies that blinded me to the limitless opportunities the world has to offer.

No matter what people told me I should do, I just couldn’t walk away from my true calling. So I forfeited the idea of a high-paying job that I went to school for, and chose to work four jobs, so I could save up and fuel my passions — creating music, traveling the world and making the world a better place.

Sometimes I’d spend months abroad hiking, volunteering, living out of a backpack in developing countries, and other times I’d pursue opportunities to perform on glamorous stages and live in luxury. After making genuine connections with people of every race and income level, my eyes were opened.

The common thread?

I’ve always squeezed more out of life. The fun. The whimsy. The glamour. The deliciousness. The sexiness. The delight.


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Ready to change the trajectory of your life? You can create a new way of life with less stress, better relationships, and amazing experiences.

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I have been given privileges that many people in the world will never have. If we’re not doing something with that privilege, then why are we doing anything? (then what’s the point?)

There are so many incredible experiences available to each one of us. We can either work for a paycheck and live in a limited bubble of comfort, or we can jump into a world of excitement where we use our unique gifts to make a real impact.

No matter which path you choose, and what your true purpose is, I invite you to live fully.

Let’s take on new experiences, make connections, and change the world.

Let’s have FUN.

Rebecca xx


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