Jonah inspires me. I want to help him and his community. 

A powerful story.

"I am the 2nd last born in my family, we are 14 children, my dad and mom raised many girls from our clan in an extended family setting. My dad educated all his 8 girls in a community where girls were not supposed to go to school and he lives to remain my other inspiration. So I grew up in a community seeing girls and women suffer, mistreated, ridiculed, defenceless and treated negatively by all sorts of nonsense. Everyone saw girls as a weak race. It has been in me all my life, to do something to defend and protect girls and women. When we started Green Hill, I witnessed and directly faced the worst forms of girl rights violation. Their right to education was gravely abused. Deciding who a girl would marry was in the hands of their parents and/or guardians, brothers and relatives. Girls had no right to property. Generally, girls have been treated as property which I just can't swallow. In 2015, I started confronting whatever case of violation I knew of. Mariam is just one example. Mariam was raped and got pregnant, like so many girls in my community. I did whatever I could to see her rights to education secured, her rights to health taken care of and I stopped her parents from selling her to the person who had violated her. At this point in time, that’s all I could do. I didn’t have powers and resources to pursue these case in the arms on law. Our laws here are tough and punishments are well written in our penal code, but offenders use gaps to continuously abuse our girls. Therefore, in 2016, I had a dream to study law and become a family lawyer. I believed with this knowledge and expertise, I would be able to defend the rights of girls and women. I am a father of two girls, Abrillainah and Abigail. THIS, this is what inspires me to sit in law class. I hope my girls and so many others will be able to live in a better country. I hope I can make this place better so they have a safer, free world to live in. I will defend girls at no cost to see that change occurs.

My future plans are: to use My NGO Peniel Child Development program ( and with my Law background to defend rights, educate children, empower them and their families, spread information about these issues using a community radio station (I dream to start), represent girls in courts of law (free of charge), teach them vocational skills, teach my community basic law and teach them the constitution in their local language among others.

Also, I am getting thoughts of joining government/elective politics, with my dealings with tourism recently. I see gaps I can only fill or talk about when am in a position of leadership, things like Corruption, Impunity, Delay of services, among others."

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