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Your Love Isn't Enough

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It wasn’t long ago you swept me off my feet
A tainted image now, of where we used to meet
Things were rosy then, now they’re turning dark
We had a vision, we had a spark

It’s been too hard to let you go,
I don’t think I can do this on my own
From the outside the patterns change
I want the sunshine and you dig the shade

Your love isn’t enough
Won’t keep us together
Through stormy weather
Your love isn’t enough
Let’s make a decision
Boy, who are we kiddin’
Your love isn’t enough

I can’t believe that we took it this far
No separation, no time apart
And it kills me to realize
That we stopped livin’ separate lives

Staying here just don’t feel right
This time we lose the fight
There’s no way to do this easily
I think it’s time we’re free