Why Defy Normal? 

  • 3.9 million girls are still "cut" every year
  • 1 in 4 will be married off before their 18th birthday
  • Girls are "eligible" for marriage following their first menstrual cycle (as young as 9 years old) 
  • 250 million women and girls have been affected globally
  • 150 more will be by 2030 if we don't do something.

Now is the time to Defy Normal, to stake a stand around the world where girls aren't equally valued. Every girl has the right to say no and decide on the matters affecting her sexuality and life. Help me unleash the limitless potential that lives in these girls. Help Rebecca give girls a louder voice. 

How You Get My Music

Rebecca will send you an album download via email so you can listen on your device, anytime. It also includes the album booklet.

Front Row Seats (stay at home and watch online)

Get FRONT ROW seats to Rebecca's first ever live event where she will sing just for you! Watch from your living room, patio or bathroom. We don't care! Don't have pants? You can come in your underwear! We just want you there!

Just in case you can't make it in real time or can't tune in at 1am, the benefit concert will be available for one week (via link) to those who purchase their tickets. That means you can watch when it suits you! Also, donations will be accepted until October 7th.

My Mission

Rebecca has created an exciting, innovative fundraising project which the Canadian Government will match up to 5x. On Thurs. Oct 3rd, she will live-stream a concert in collaboration with Plan International. Her intention is to sell 5000 $15 tickets that will raise approx. $75,000. All fundraising will be directed to 2 projects that focus on addressing FGM (female genital mutilation) and child marriage in Ethiopia and Cameroon. 

Where Does the Money Raised Go? 

The project funds will go towards research in specific communities, reproductive and sexual health education for girls and boys, providing girls access to healthcare, employment and, most importantly, will empower adolescents to become contributors to their home communities. Plan International promises to continue the work in communities until they are completely sustainable on their own.

"If we stop cutting girls, traumatizing them and demoralizing them at such a young age, and instead educate them and their whole community, I believe that we will raise strong women who know their power, are seen as equals and can lead future generations. This could literally change the world,” says Rebecca.

Where Does the Rest of the Money Go? 

Rebecca has worked very hard on this project. So, after she donates 20%, the other 80% of the ticket buys you "entrance" to the concert as well as a digital download of her album and booklet. This money goes towards musicians, film crews, publicity, tech/sound crews, producers, engineers, equipment, venue and will also go towards future music projects (writing, producing, recording, music videos). "I plan to continue my collaboration with Plan International in the future and also will go back to Africa to do more hands on work there. This is the start of something much bigger and I can't thank you enough for supporting me as an artist."